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 Ulduar XT - 002 Deconstructor

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Ulduar XT - 002 Deconstructor Empty
PostSubject: Ulduar XT - 002 Deconstructor   Ulduar XT - 002 Deconstructor EmptySat Nov 28, 2009 1:05 pm

there will be video's at the bottom also.

Ok for this boss its really basic and easy In my own eyes (not a healer tho)

Offtank/s will be picking up bots

Maintank will pick up the obss and tank im a the back in the middle.

Ranged should be destroying bombbots and other little adds since these cause big damage to raid members and also heals the boss. Once ranged has killed the " little adds " go straight back on the boss.
Melee will just damage the boss like usual.

There are 2 debuffs that spawn in this Fight and that are
1. Gravity Bomb
2. Light Bomb

best way to sort this out is to have the healer and ranged just in range of the boss but all in 1 group together while melee stick behind the boss.

All that get Gravity Bomb should go the left of the boss and wait till its off them and go back to where they originally was standing, Those who get the Light Bomb should go to the left of the boss and wait for it to disapear and go back to where they originally were.

1 or 2 dps should be assigned to nuking the " big bots "

In this to access the hardmode when the heart first drops nuke it down till its dead and you will then be in the hardmode which is alot harder, so advised if you do not wish to do the hardmode dont kill the heart, leave it at 10%.

once the heart has been dealt with its back to the normal tactics.
other then that i cant think of anything else to say about this encounter.

for the strategy video on the normal mode heres the link:

for the hard mode video heres the link:
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Ulduar XT - 002 Deconstructor
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